Agriculture can and should enhance soil health while resisting nutrient and sediment runoff, provide equity for small and mid-sized farmers, and sustain local and regional food systems and their economies. EAC will continue its work to improve accounting and best management practices to reduce impacts from corporate industrialized agriculture, including the poultry industry’s waste and other pollution sources to the Bay.

Special areas of focus include improving State and Federal policies and practices that promote an unfair business advantages to large unsustainable operations, and improving regulation of ammonia and point source effluents from large concentrated animal feeding operations and poultry processing facilities. Only when the industry is held accountable can we stop direct pollution to the Bay and her tributaries and increase market share for small regenerative agriculture that protects local communities and economies … and the Bay.

Breaking CAFO News

BREAKING: An Administrative Law Judge decided for EAC and REVERSED a permit approval for a proposed CAFO on the Eastern Shore because of inadequate environmental protection.  MDE has never denied a permit under their CAFO program, and this is the first time a judge...

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