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Environmental Advocacy and Litigation Support for Local Communities

“Law without enforcement is just good advice”
– Abraham Lincoln

Captain Richard Hoffman

Rick served nearly 28 years in the U.S. Navy before he retired and founded Orion Solutions, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business based in Jacksonville, Florida.  He started Orion Solutions in 2003 primarily to bring veterans back into the work force. Orion Solutions began as a defense consulting company and has grown to have a presence in both defense and commercial enterprises sectors, including environmental products. Orion Solutions excels at business process engineering, developing curriculum and training programs using proven and technology and methodologies to provide effective and reliable contract procurement, program management and technology to meet customer requirements.

While in the Navy, he was a Surface Warfare Officer and had attained the rank of Captain prior to retiring.  His career included a variety of sea and shore positions, including the command of the surface ships USS De Wert and USS Hue City. His assignments included serving on the Navy Staff in the Pentagon as the program sponsor for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Program, and at sea as the Operations Officer for the Enterprise Battle Group, Destroyer Squadron 24, and Cruiser Destroyer Group 12. Captain Hoffman attended The Citadel, where he was awarded a BS in Biology, the Naval Postgraduate School (MS in Oceanography), and the National War College.



Mike Ross

Dr. Mike Ross is a forest and wetland ecologist with long experience in the southern Appalachians, western Canada, and south Florida.  He is currently a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University, in Miami, FL.  Mike’s research focuses on the environmental controls on plant community succession, and their implications for forest resource management.  Presently, his research is directed toward restoration of tree islands and coastal wetlands in the greater Everglades ecosystem. Mike is also working on climate change effects on coastal habitats, disturbance ecology (including hurricanes and fire), plant-soil relationships, and remote sensing of vegetation.

Mike is also an active collaborator in the implementation of restoration in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, and more generally on shaping natural resource policy priorities in South Florida.  In this policy domain, he often draws on his experience studying environmental law at Vermont Law School, where he received an MS.L. (1987). He brings an important combination of science and policy expertise to the EAC’s Board of Directors.


David L. Reed (ex officio)

Dave brings environmental science, policy and legal experience, specializing in wetland management and water issues. He was an environmental scientist for over ten years, with research experience spanning freshwater wetlands, and coastal wetland and estuarine environments. He has managed or supported both small and large scale environmental monitoring, and has been involved in policy recommendations for both state and federal restoration projects. He has extensive experience with wetland forest and marsh responses to long-term changes in hydrologic cycles and water management regimes in the Florida Everglades. On the coastal research side, he studied both coastal marsh and near-shore estuarine floral and faunal responses to altered water management regimes, affecting salinity and nutrient fluxes.
Mr. Reed also clerked for the U.S. EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance during 2010 and 2011, where he gained regulatory enforcement experience, including CWA actions in both civil and criminal enforcement. He also investigated the regulation of energy industry practices, particularly Hydraulic Fracturing and information gathering authorities under RCRA and TSCA for produced waters.



Charlie Garlow

Charlie recently left his position as an Air Enforcement Attorney for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, forcing air polluters who violate the Clean Air Act to come into compliance since 1987. He is an advocate for clean air, clean technologies, smart transportation alternatives and alternatives to carbon based fuels, and environmental protection generally.  A graduate of Harvard University’s undergraduate college, and West Virginia University Law School, Charlie has served in a number of public interest positions as an attorney, including Nader’s Corporate Accountability Research Group, Legal Aid of Passaic County, NJ, Sierra Club of Connecticut, West Virginia Citizens Action Group, and the WV Attorney General’s office Consumer Protection and Health Divisions.  He also serves on the board of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.


Robert Kremens

Bob received a BS in physics from the Cooper Union.  His MS and PhD in physics were from New York University where he studied alkali halide dimer polarizability using molecular beam techniques under Prof. Benjamin Bederson.  Because of a growing interest in the environment, Dr. Kremens returned to school in 1998 and received an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Rochester, involving CWA NPDES testing methodologies.  He is currently a Research Professor at the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT.

Bob has worked for the Federal Government, private companies and universities.  He has worked as a research physicist, electronic design engineer, principal consultant, and research professor.  His diverse research interests include physical instrumentation methods applied to wildland fire research, measurement of water quality, nuclear fusion diagnostics, ultrafast electronics, high energy density behavior of materials and novel methods of data collection for a broad variety of scientific experiments.  He describes himself as an ‘instrument physicist’.  He has been studying wildland fire behavior, in particular, the energy budget during wildland fuel combustion, at RIT for 15 years.  Bob is particularly interested in CWA issues and watershed integrity.



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